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Oxfam Trailwalker

In 2019, we have 4 teams taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalker 2019 Event.

Looking for Groundzero - Target 32 Hours
jaktembo - Donna
jaktembo - Erica

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Really? Again! Yep - Target 22 Hours
Ruverbug Jam

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Back for More - Target 20 Hours
The Welder
Zeus, Hera & kids

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Anatidaephobics - Target 24 Hours
Marcus Vitruvius

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You can also purchase specially minted coins where all profits will go to our oxfam teams to help them to reach their targets. Coins are on sale here.

Geocaching Victoria now has a fine tradition of fielding a number of walking teams each year for the Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker event.  Geocaching Victoria has big plans for Oxfam in 2019 and we’d like to get as many geocachers on board in whatever capacity to help us achieve these plans.  Also, if even the 100 kilometre event seems too daunting for you, we also need people to man the many support crews which help these walkers achieve these goals.

17798979_406784456371874_4331031412417761519_nSo if you’ve ever thought that you’d like to be involved in this great event that sees Geocaching Victoria raise thousands of dollars every year for a very worthwhile charity, this is your chance.  The event will run on 29th - 30th March 2019, so we have plenty of planning time. 

As we do every year we will try and group people who have similar goal times together as teams and attempt to have at least one experienced person who has been there before in each team.  We plan to run some events throughout the year to get people together and walk different sections of the course to familiarise everybody with it and maybe put on a BBQ and raise some funds for the charity too.  We are fortunate now to also have a reasonably large group of people in our community who have done the Melbourne Trailwalker event before and they are all more than willing to pass on the expertise to those attempting it for the first time, so the whole experience is not quite so daunting.